About the Corporate Tea

Let Me Pour You Some Tea  

I spent many afternoons as a kid in the company of my great grandmothers and their friends having tea.  On the front porch or in the “sitting room,” tea time was prime time to exchange advice, private information, and of course, the skinny on all things taboo amongst friends. But….


This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Tea Party!

Consider The Corporate Tea as your own online tea party.  I consider the experience of afternoon tea similar to the inner working of the have and have nots within the corporate structure. You now have an open invitation to visit any time you’re looking for sound advice and real talk on how to navigate the unwritten and unspoken rules of corporate America.  Here you’ll find a collection of my musings and messages on workplace topics like micro-inequities, stereotypes, diversity and inclusion, career advice and HR basics.  Full disclosure—I speak fluent sarcasm, am slightly feminist, secretly love trap music, 90s R&B, and am brutally honest.  If you can get into that; let me pour you some tea.

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