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When it Comes to Your Job Search… SWITCH IT UP!!!

Are you tired of  being caught in the matrix of the typical job hiring websites and feel like you are shooting at a moving target? Well, there may be a new option for you eager techie job seekers. Similar to the popular dating app Tinder,  the new app Switch allows you to quickly and easily browse through job postings—swipe right to like, swipe left to pass. From there, hiring managers do the same thing, browsing through candidates’ reviewing profiles and their professional backgrounds and credentials. Notifications are sent right to your phone whenever an interested employer likes your professional profile. And when there’s a match? You and the recruiter are placed in direct contact. It’s really that simple!!!


I downloaded the app last week to test out, and here are the 5 things that are awesome about this app:


1. It’s simple and user friendly and easily syncs with your LinkedIn


2. It’s instant feedback, and you are able to find out quickly if the company shows interest. No more shooting at a moving target!


3. It’s a direct connection to the recruiter or hiring manager. You can now forget about layers of formality and long applications before contact.  


4. It’s confidential you can freely browse the market and seek opportunity without a public profile. Which makes it easy for those who are currently employed but wanting to explore options.


5. It’s free! I mean it really gets no better than free!


So if you are exhausted with the job market and looking for a creative way to connect then start swiping and  SWITCH IT UP!


That’s the Tea!


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